The Mirador Caracasbaai project started as a bus stop, for which I was asked to make the design and the (ceramic) furniture. After several meetings with the commissioner, Refineria di Korsou N.V., and the government (D.R.O.V.) however, it changed into something much bigger; a mirador (lookout). I asked if I could involve Len Gillen, ceramic artist and also contractor. Together we brainstormed over the project. I made the maquette, engineer John Antonius made the technical drawings and Betonbouw N.V did the construction.
I made the ceramic benches and decorations; for one week I got help from ceramic artist Dennis Maust (USA), who spent his vacation helping with the benches and ceramic fishes. Gillen’s workers installed the furniture.
For a few years the mirador functioned very well. There were always people; enjoying the beautiful view and surroundings, or using the mirador as a dance floor for their BBQ party’s. Due to further development of the area however  the mirador got half buried with sand, the other half disappeared behind construction material and containers (for 5 years already they are working on the construction of a dive hotel).