Workshops by international artists organized in my studio between 1990 and 2008

May 15, 2008 | Ceramics

In the late-eighties there were at the most 10 ceramists working on Curaçao. In those pre-internet times, I started organizing workshops by foreign artists as a way to keep in touch with the ceramic world outside of my little island. These workshops proved to be a perfect way for my students, others and myself to meet good ceramic artists, see their work, hear about their philosophy and learn new techniques.

2008 Martin Möhwald, Germany

2007 Jimmy Clark, USA

2006 Jeannette van Faassen, The Netherlands

2005  Henk Wolvers, The Netherlands

2003  Pauline Wiertz, The Netherlands

Lale Andiç, Turkey

Enrique Mestre, Spain

2002  Rick Hirsch, USA

Toni Hamilton, Puerto Rico

2001  Renate Weidner, The Netherlands

1999  Marvin Sweet, USA

Daniël Levi, The Netherlands

1998  Richard Notkin, USA

Natasha Zaludovà, The Netherlands

1997  Irene Vonck, The Netherlands

1996  Luk Versluys, Belgium

Ruth Dupré, England

Yih-Wen Kuo, Taiwan/USA

Flo and Sal Yepa, USA

Michelle Griffoul, USA

1995 Scott Meyer, USA

Sarah Chamberlin, USA

1994 Dorothee Colberg-Tjadens, Germany

Ciro Abath, Aruba

1993 Robert Schmitz, USA

Beatrijs van Rheeden, The Netherlands

Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis, The Netherlands

1992 Rick Hirsch, USA

1991 Seka, Venezuela

Dorothee Colberg-Tjadens, Germany

Dennis Maust, USA

Wolfgang Vegas, Venezuela

1990 Jorge Baretto,Venezuela