Hokjesgeesten April-June 2013

Jun 28, 2013 | Ceramics

This workshop was part of the Instituto Buena Bista project ‘Hokjesgeesten’. An extensive project that involves the participation of patients from the psychiatric clinic Capriles, together with the art students of IBB.

Patients from each department (10 in total) will work together with students, under the guidance of an artist (-in-residence). In this teamwork both patients, students and the artist have to think ‘outside the box’. The idea is that each group will make an outdoor sculpture, and so ultimately turn the Capriles/IBB premisses into a sculpture-park.

I was asked to guide ten IBB students and the patients from the sheltered housing department ‘Florisol’ (Flor-i-Sol means Flowers and Sun). Together we made a ceramic ‘flower-totem’, in the colors of the sun, which is now an eye-catcher in the yard of Kas Florisol.