Tin ora silensio ta e mihó muzik

Mar 14, 2020 | Ceramics

The Rotary Club of Curaçao commissioned me to create a mural for the silence/meditation room of our new hospital, the Curaçao Medical Center.

I started with a workshop mold making for the students of the pre-art school Instituto Bueno Bista as the clients request was for me to involve students in the project. Several of the molds that were made during that workshop were used to make elements of the mural. A small group of students (Arindah Thissen, Julius Rademaker, Nashita Scoop, Nicole Silva and Yuteni Martis) came several times to my studio, to also make some parts for the mural. During the installation they helped deciding on the exact composition for the mural.

The inspiration for the surface decoration comes from macro photos of body cells. A reference to the location, the hospital, in a very abstract manner.